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One Good Friend is a three-part interactive course where you will have the opportunity to develop your knowledge, confidence and skills in supporting a friend’s mental health and wellbeing. This course will take approximately 1 hour and can be completed at your own pace.  Read more

This is a one hour course for Managers. We hope that by completing this course you will feel more able to promote and support mental health and wellbeing in the workplace. Read more

This course is for school staff to promote & support mental health and wellbeing in the school setting and will take around one hour to complete. Read more

This 40 minute course is for parents/guardians of young people, and explores the importance of looking after your own wellbeing as a parent/guardian while supporting the young person in your life. Read more

This 45 minute online course will introduce teachers to the concept of self-care, its importance in the life of a teacher, and how they can mind their own self-care. Read more

This is an online course for adults (18+) who work or volunteer with young people in their communities on the topic of supporting LGBTI+ young people’s mental health.   Read more

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